The Weather Girls

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The Weather Girls

Spring, summer, autumn or winter - the intrepid Weather Girls are ready for whatever the seasons might bring! Join them as they stomp through autumn leaves, enjoy a summer swim, explore the lush green forests and climb a snowy mountain. There is so much to experience and discover when you jump up and step outside with this lively group of friends.

Get inspired and get active with this stylish book all about the magic of the seasons, the wonders of the outside world and the fun you can have with good friends. The Weather Girls is a charming, rhyming story with striking illustrations and additional nature facts, from illustrator Aki. Please note that the book refers to the Northern Hemisphere seasons at the back of the book e.g. Winter - Dec/Jan/Feb. The rest of the book can be read for the Southern Hemisphere.

Author: Aki

Published: 24 April 2018

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 32

For Ages: 0 - 6 years

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