That is NOT a Good Idea!

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That is NOT a Good Idea!

This is the story of a hungry fox who meets a plump goose and, ooh!, what an innocent looking goose she is. 

Just look at those big, doey eyes - so trusting! The fox can't believe his luck so he asks the goose to go for a stroll. The goose, with her angelic face, cannot refuse. Suddenly, a little chick pops up warning the protagonist: "That is NOT a good idea!" 

All too late! This fox is on a roll and next, he invites the goose back to his house tucked away in the deep, dark woods, and ...the goose says YES! "THAT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!" - now, LOTS of little chicks are shouting warnings! But ...just who are they trying to help? The fox or the goose? Perfect book for discussing point of view and surprise endings.

Teaching Notes

Author: Mo Willems

Published: 4 September 2014

Format: Paperback

Pages: 48

For Ages: 5 - 10 years


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