Love Is Like A Tree

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Love Is Like A Tree
Love Is Like A Tree

Love is a special and growing thing. It's a little bit like a tree - a special magical tree - that you can climb up into, nest comfortably in its big branches, and safely watch the world go by. Love can come in different shapes and sizes. Like a tree, love can grow and grow.. 

The Big Hug books grew out of letters sent to children and their families after their psychology sessions. Each book has its origins in a real need for a real child with a real problem and offers real strategies from a real psychologist. The heart-felt illustrations and simple words aim to simplify tricky situations and soothe strong emotions. The books aim to give children, and the people who care for them, a way to talk about problems. The Big Hug books acknowledge that some moments in life are tricky and encourage acceptance, problem solving and help-seeking as needed. 

This book looks at the concept of 'love'. 

About the Author:
Shona Innes is a Clinical and Forensic psychologist who has worked for over 25 years helping children, teens and grownups (young and old). Shona has accumulated significant knowledge, experience and skill for interacting with some of the trickiest individuals in some of the most trying of circumstances as well as for assisting with life’s day to day hassles. 

Author: Shona Innes

Published: 1 August 2015

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32

For Ages: 3 - 10 years



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